Frequently asked questions

Can girls attend the programme?

Our Explorer Programme and the Summer Forest camps are open to both boys and girls, but at this point, only boys are eligible for the Discovery Programme and the Leadership Challenge.

Do you run all year long?

Yes the camp is open year round. The Discovery Programme is run during the school terms, September to May, normally every other week. The Explorer Program is arranged for the in between weeks as there is interest. The Summer Camp and Leadership Challenge run during the months of summer June, July, August and we will announce those dates as the time approaches.

What is the cost for the various programmes?

Price vary for the different programmes so please contact us for more information.

Is the programme religious or Christian in any way?

Our staff are all committed to the Christian faith and to following the example of Jesus Christ in the Anabaptist tradition. However, as a camp, we are open to all people regardless of their beliefs, and we are non-proselytising.  Essential to our faith is the dignity and autonomy of each young person. So in short, the programmes are not overtly religious (with the exception of the Leadership Challenge), but as a staff team, we hold to a religious faith that directs our beliefs and the way we live.

Are camp staff Garda vetted?

All staff members and volunteers are Garda vetted. Prospective employees/volunteers go through an extensive application, reference, and induction process before joining the staff team.

How can I help?

We are a registered charity and depend on the support of concerned individuals and organizations. If you would like to contribute in any way, please give us a ring. Financial contributions are also possible through the PayPal link below.