About Us

We are inspired by the work of Jesus Christ among disadvantaged people when He walked the earth. His way of treating each person with utmost dignity is foundational to our approach. The programme is open to young people from any religious background.

The staff at Comeragh Wilderness Camp holds to the Christian faith and the Anabaptist traditions.  We are part of the Dunmore East Christian Fellowship and for more information you can click here.  Because of our faith, we want to share meaningfully with as many as we can, the beauty and joy of relationships and the outdoors. This doesn’t mean that we are aiming to proselytize but simply to live out our faith in a practical way. 


  1. Share the joy of the outdoors
  2. Encourage each young person to develop new skills
  3. Help each Young Person experience a positive relationship with adults
  4. Create a safe environment where healthy peer relationships can be discovered
  5. Provide stepping stones in education


Comeragh Wilderness Camp is a charity, and can offer this therapeutic programme only because of the generosity of many people. Your donation makes it possible for young people, some of who are extremely disadvantaged to have hope of a successful future.


The Revenue Commissioners have granted the camp charitable status, with a reference number of CHY18618.


We are grateful for the support received from Waterford Leader Partnership for outdoor gear.


In our local village of Rathgormack, Comeragh Stores raises funds for camp through their shop and bakery. They make the best scones in Co. Waterford so please come and try them! Their Facebook link is here.

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The staff team at Comeragh Wilderness Camp together have a wealth of experience as well as specific training for their individual roles. On a daily basis they provide leadership, safety, and fun to everything that happens at camp. Some of their training includes but is not confined to: Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Mountains Skills, Food Safety, and First Aid (REC 3). As a team, we see every day as an adventure and our openness to learn is what will make us effective teachers.


Quentin Weaver



Carlson Funk

Deputy Principal


Darlene Hoover

Office Manager


Victoria Gregory-Smith

Head Cook


Judah Beachy

Maintenance Worker

Timo Miller Group Leader

Timothy Miller

Group Leader


Kenneth Beiler

Group Leader


Ezra Martin

Group Leader