Simply Refocus

Comeragh Wilderness Camp is a unique therapeutic programme for young people who wish to take some time to refocus, build new skills, and gain fresh confidence for life challenges.

Learning in the outdoors can reignite us and cultivate our life skills. Cooking meals over a fire, building shelters in the forest, hiking in the Comeragh mountains, canoeing a river, and observing nature are ways that learning takes place at CWC.

Located near Rathgormack, Co. Waterford, the camp is open to a variety of young people.

Mags Casey

My experience with this camp has been outstanding. The individuals who run the programme are compassionate, caring and truly concerned for the lads they take into their care. The camp is a unique and highly effective therapeutic offering, and the helping hand the chiefs extend does not end when your child leaves the venue. Any other parent I have met who has had a child take advantage of this outlet has mirrored my feelings. I have no reservations recommending this camp.

Bernice O Donoghue

Camp looks great, well done to all the chiefs!!

Tazzy Hallows

Comeragh wilderness camp a place for change and growth!!

Francis Keenan

It's an incredible and peaceful place where support and guidance is given to young people who have lost their direction in life. They learn to appreciate the simple things in life and a new awareness of the needs of others. It deserves great success and support.