Discovery Programme

Discovery Programme – is a four - day residential camp for boys ages 11-14 who want to take a fresh look at life and might need a chance to break a negative cycle. They could be facing challenges in relating to others at school or at home or perhaps just need a break from technology. The Discovery Programme can provide a way to enjoy life outside the box and a chance to find some headspace. There are normally four other lads in the group apart from the leaders. The week involves living in the campsite and working together as a group on a variety of projects and activities. The programme runs from September to June, with two sessions per month. Young people may come for as many sessions as needed.

The central purpose of the Discovery Programme is to provide a therapeutic and educational environment where boys can discover life skills, gain hope, and refocus.

The programme is aimed at helping young people develop self-esteem, learn respect for others, and build healthy relationships. Lads can experience the challenge of the outdoors as fun and educational, while developing personal responsibility.

The Campsite

Most of the activities take place in a campsite, a place designed and built by staff and young people working together.

The heart of therapeutic camping needs a simple, undistracted environment, and a campsite in a forest setting provides this excellently. The group campsite resembles a village of log frame huts, with sleeping, cooking, and dining tents connected by footpaths. Each tent has a woodstove and plastic windows to keep campers warm and dry, as the aim is not “roughing it” but rather simplicity and focus.


Daily routines such as getting up at a set time, keeping the campsite/tent clean, and regular mealtimes are an integral part of a healthy life routine. Learning the right place for order and routine, results huge positive benefits for our mental health.


From the time they arrive, campers are partners with nature. The forest provides the material for constructing shelters, and wood for heating our spaces and cooking meals. Our activities aim to be in harmony with nature, rather than in opposition to it. Our trails are built of natural materials, and the outdoor environment is our playground and classroom. In nature we see the Creator as a generous teacher and provider.


Planning ahead is an essential life skill and an aid to learning and development. At camp, the day’s plans are written up with input from the young people. A balance between work and play helps to set clear expectations, and with a bit of luck, the activities go smoothly.


Throughout the day, it is important topause occasionally and evaluate how the interactions/activities are working and to make ongoing adjustments. At the end of the day, there is a time for Folkmoot, a short evaluation time around a small campfire before bedtime. This provides a space for everyone to reflect together on the day’s experiences, charting any progress and marking any personal development. Each member has an opportunity for to speak freely and honestly about any situation, helping to get the most from the day’s experiences. Folkmoot can also prepare a lad for going to bed at peace, ready to face the following day with confidence.

Trips Away

We also regularly plan overnight canoeing or hillwalking trips. This can be an excellent teambuilding experience as well as a great adventure. An amazing freedom can be experienced by a trip away, and a group finds that learning new skills in remote areas connects them in a unique way, encouraging a positive group spirit.

Enrolment process

The enrolment process for the Discovery Programme
You can contact us by email, web form, or phone because we value personal connection, we usually follow up with a phone call. Then there are several steps to the formal enrolment process.

We post you an application form, and the parent/guardian completes the form and returns it. This is not a commitment from either party, although it places you in the waiting list for a place in the camp. When we receive the application, we will be in contact to discuss your situation and advise of an approximate time of the next opening.

Home Interview
Our family support worker visits your family, explaining the camp programme in detail and learning about the challenges you are facing. If you still feel camp is a good option and the child fits our enrolment criteria, we proceed to the next step.

Pre-Placement Visit to Camp
A short time before a session, each young person and family visits the camp and makes a decision whether camp is the best option for meeting the family’s needs. The camp tour usually takes about an hour. After the young person and family meets the staff and takes the tour, we will sit down for a meeting about the goals the young person wants to set. We also look at other paper work such as a list of personal items the young person needs to bring when he comes, our complaint procedure and care plan.

We set up a date and time for the young person to come for the session.

Explorer Programme

Explorer Programme – one - day activities programme for groups or individuals who want to spend time outdoors, learning and adventuring together. Group size is up to 15. Ages may vary from 6 to adult. The hours are also adjustable but a normal day runs from 10:00 to 16:00.

The day always includes a time of cooking outdoors with everyone getting a chance to help prepare the food as well as eat it (which is the best part). Activities to choose from include:

  • Obstacle course (approximate times) 1hr
  • Archery 30min-1hr
  • Orienteering-45min
  • Bush craft-1hr
  • Team Games-1hr
  • Hillwalking-all day
  • Canoeing-all day

Please ring or email us for available dates.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp – a week of activities for children ages 6-13. Children participate in activities based on their abilities ranging in nature exploration, team building, and bush craft to hillwalking and canoeing. Space in available for only 50 children each week, so book early to avoid being disappointed. The day starts at 10:00 and finishes at 15:00.

For 2018 we are planning on four weeks of Summer camp and the dates are 2-6 & 9-13 July and 13-17 & 20-24 August.
Please only book one of the weeks per child. Applications will soon be available to download here.

Leadership Challenge

Leadership Challengea higher challenge for a more advanced group of youth ages 13-16 who want to grow in their leadership and social skills. This camp has a Christian emphasis, which the other camps don’t include, and this has to do with character development, Bible study, and personal reflection time. Group size can be up to 7.

The purpose for the Leadership Challenge is to equip young men to lead by building character with a group in the outdoors. This programme is designed to challenge a young man to be a leader and a man of character. Each day we focus on a specific character quality with practical work sessions and teaching times. Family involvement is very important, with the last day of the programme focused around the family and father-son activities.

The Leadership Challenge focuses on building character through a variety of circumstances. We do maintenance and building at the campsite and carry out short wilderness trips. There is also special time allotted to Bible teaching, prayer, and reflection time. We also offer some skill-learning such as woodworking, vehicle maintenance, and outdoor adventure. Our routine and structure is similar to that of the Discovery programme.

We offer this programme when school is out of session. The programme is generally a week to ten days in length.

The two dates for 2018 are planned for 31 March to 7 April and also 24 July to 2 August.
Contact us for an application form.